About Us

We pledge to provide the most competitive products and personalized services tailored to clients’ specific needs. With customized life insurance base solutions, comprehensive product range and experienced professional team, we have set the task of growing our clients’ assets with total passion and dedication.
GT Insurance Brokers Limited, member of GRANDTAG FINANCIAL GROUP, is a licensed professional insurance brokers based in Hong Kong providing full range of world-class insurance and financial products to implement solutions for complex needs. We serve our clients on the strength of our extensive relationship network in most Asian countries, primarily in China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and U.S.A.

Our Services


Life Insurance

  • Traditional Whole Life
  • Term Insurance
  • Universal Life

Health Insurance

  • Critical Illness
  • International Medical Insurance Plan

Regular Savings Plans & Single Pay Investment

  • Offshore ILAS Products
  • Flexible Global Funds Portfolio

Legacy Planning

  • Family Trust
  • Family Legacy Architecture
  • Family Legacy Process Assessment


  • Online account services for 24-hour status checking

Our Group

Why GTIB ?


Our strength and relationship enable us to own global relationships with top ranking international providers in conjunction with our innovative offerings.

Professional Team

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of financial markets and regulatory requirements are constantly updated to ensure that we keep abreast of ever-changing conditions and regulations in the markets we serve.

Global Presence
Local Talent

Our partners who speak the same local languages are able to serve clients from different regions, irrespective of where they reside. It is a unique combination of local knowledge and international product offerings that have prompted us to excel in the area.


Our introducers who are referring clients to us are in a privileged position to benefit from partnering with us, who screens and selects the best products available in the global markets for the benefits of clients.


Our strong and professional technical team builds an advanced e-Service system to allow all our business partners and clients to check the current status of the insurance and investment products in their business/personal account within 24 hours online.

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